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The passing of a one of the greats in New York skateboarding reminded me of why I love skating in the city.

I haven’t done it anywhere as much as i’d like to, but that’s kind of how it goes when you retire from skateboarding to work full time.  Regardless, every time i’ve had the pleasure it’s left an impression.  A lot of what makes it remarkable could be said for skating in most cities: you have traffic to weave through and curbs to grind and sewer caps to ollie over, but something is different.  Something is special.

New York has a reputation of where people go to quit skating.  It makes sense- you get older and you’re more interested in aspiring model girls in the village or making nightly appearances at Enids than you are in punishing your already aching knees.  But you’ve got the Gonz, at 41, ripping though Chinatown and somehow doing it on a longboard with inappropriately wide trucks.  As I get older, I get more and more respect for people who don’t grow out of being a skate rat.  Grown ass men who spend their time trying to get skateparks built for their scene, and understand the inexplicable wonder of weaving through traffic on a piece of wood.

“It’s just always a different experience, every single time, and I think that that’s what makes it so much fun.” -Andy Kessler


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