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By the way, Hot 97 came through with the best Guru tribute mix i’ve heard.  It’s worth checking up on.

Remember when Koston was better than you in 93?


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I’m not sure where I first bumped into the Wu Tang clan.  I was even more of a dork as a kid than I am now, and spent much more time reading Iron Man comic books and trying to figure out which of my friends I could scheme into letting me play their nintendo.  Eventually, the late 90s came around and I started skateboarding, and was introduced to skate culture.  Most of the kids I was hanging with were into mediocre punk, but there was a lot of Wu involved when I was kicking it* with the old heads.

It was pretty sick at first, and has gotten sicker as time goes by.  Meth and Ghost’s track in Mixtape juxtaposed with Danny Supa’s massive backside flips were cool, 36 chambers was epic, and their solo stuff is legendary.  As time goes by, and the more I find out about them, they find themselves deeper and deeper in my heart.  Ghost’s verse on ‘da mystery of da chessboxin’ (actually, starting with Dirty’s intro) was when I first fell in love. Later I got into the rest of his discography about selling coke, getting his dick sucked and pasta (again, love at first listen.)  Then I read the story about his discovery of his diabetes after going to the doctor for what he thought was an STD.  Heroic.

Point being, the wu ages like wine.  You’ve get the U-God / California Chardonay that’s best right off the bat, a bunch of dudes (Rza, Masta Killa, the late Russell Jones) who were on top of things for a while but have probably peaked (or ODed on crack, RIP!) much like a Bordeaux/Cab Sav gets about 15 years before it starts to decline, and then there are the fortified wines.  Like a glass of Maidera from the 1850s, Ghost and Rae are going to just keep getting better with age.  Meth is in that category to some extent as well, but he loses credit for his questionable appearance on a Limp Bizkit song.

The latter three put out an album together, which was probably influenced by their track together on Only Built for Cuban Linx II.  Like ‘new wu’, it’s got a lot of that trademark R&B/soul feel in the beats that you get with RZA, and solid lyrical content.  Click on the (sick) cover for a download link.

Wu Massacre

*By kicking it, I mean I was the annoying kid who would show up at the skateshop and ask a bunch of stupid questions.

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