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Cape Cod breeds an idornate number of talented skateboarders: Bro Gumpright, Kevin Coakley, Zered Bassett, and most notable of late, Wareham’s Brandon Westgate.

Though initially overshadowed by the blinding light of Heath and the Boss, his part in Emerica’s latest low fidelity offering solidifies his transformation into technically infused overall gnar dude.  Multiple-tricks-over-benches pop, bs 360s in lines, and a Busenitz-esque penchant for speed all solidify his entrance into the ranks of Grant Taylor and Jake Donnelly class of new rippers who skate the way old dudes like.

With Chris Senn’s seeming unceremonious departure from Emerica’s professional ranks (one trick in the video, as far as I could tell,) young Westgate could possibly fulfil a northeastern flavored version of Senn Dogg’s role on the team.  The downhill double ollie line in San Francisco followed by the BS 360 conjure up memories of Senn in Jump Off A Building.  Albeit, there seems to be a conspicuous absence of transition, but his ability to mix speed and snaps with New York spots (see: gap to lipslide on the Union Square rail) offer up an appealing substitution.  And he’s doing that new fangled grinding up shit that the kids seem to enjoy these days.  High speed BS 5050s up handrails are no joke.

Other highlights from the late Robert Frost’s favorite skate video include Bryan Herman’s magical ability to make a part of skating schoolyards to Tom Waits look awesome, followed by a bunch of boring dudes in the middle.  Unofficial member of New York City’s skateboard vanguard Spakny “Kevin” Long’s trick selection continues to evolve, offering a bunch of those stupid combo grinds in additon to some wallrides and that back tail bigspin on the LA High banks. More handrails, followed by the perennialy awesome Aaron Suski.  A sleeper as far as anticipation and hype go, he delivers a solid section of transitions and handrails.  Skating spots he skated in Word of Mouth bring a smile to the face as well.  Nobody cares about Braydon, Jerry skates switch and probably cried a lot, Leo used a lot of baker-era footage from when he was less interesting (his part in the Toy Video will be bonkers) and The Boss is still the boss.

The whole video has that stop-motion-green-tinged thing going on, and it can get a bit old.  As they say, nature’s first green is gold, and it’s her hardest hue to hold.  Without the influence of the substance of your choice, the video can seem a bit over-produced, but beer and skate videos go together like, well, beer and most things.


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