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It’s that time.  Leaves are changing, people are frantically devouring apples, Major League Basesball is ostensibly over, and flannel is out and frighteningly in fashion.  Fall.  Though we tend to eschew the sweeter side of the harvest (pumpkin, some squashes, and sweet potatoes,) apples find their way into the Tiny Capers kitchen pretty frequently.

After spending skateboard monday in Southie, I needed something quick and simple to make.  A cursory pantry check yielded frozen veggie broth, a parmesan rind, a bag of navy beans, carrots, apples, and potatoes.  It seemed like soup.

First, there was the issue of broth.  I had three cups, and needed around 8.  There was also the issue of what to do with the (mostly) worthless parm rind.  Rather than toss it, I threw it in with half a can of beer and some water, bouillon cubes, and the frozen brick of already made broth and let it all simmer together.  By the time the broth had come together, the rind was broken up into small pieces and continuing to disintegrate into the broth.

I chopped carrots, sweated them out a bit with butter and thyme, and threw in potatoes and apples. Finally threw in the broth and beans, some salt, cumin, and a pinch of apple cider vinegar.  Lo and behold, 40 minutes later, there was soup.

While not groundbreaking, it was simple enough to make with 20 minutes of prep and 40 minutes of couchtime.  Ideally, you’d have lentils in the pantry and switch them out for navy beans (with a puree!) with onions and  but this works in a pinch.  Any ideas on what kind of cheese, if any, would work well on top of this?

Recipe after the jump.



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image courtesy of quartersnacks

A few points amidst coffee, Lady GaGa and homemade egg / cheddar / english muffin sandwiches on the tiny capers news desk for your Sunday:

A Visual Sound released an interview with Gino regarding the music from his video parts over the years.  In addition to the standard trip down memory lane, it’s got a lot of insight into what’s going on in his head.  Gems include proclaiming the Wu Tang Clan to be his favorite ‘band’, and a brief explanation of his current status with the upcoming chocolate video.  Despite the fact that it still doesn’t sound promising, i’m still holding out for a shared part with Pappalardo set to Wu.

Speaking of Popps, habitat released a trailer for their new video, origins.  Billed as a ‘visual representation of the past decade’, one can’t help but wonder if they’re either:

a. going to try and ride out the last remains of the Love era

b. going to turn this into a ‘make it count’-esque masturbatory company history piece

c. going to release another boring video that will confirm that they’ll never get back to the golden photo/mosaic era.

d. going to make a video that you’ll bother to watch outside of the skateshop / on youtube / hunting the slap message boards for.

People have been quick to throw burton under the bus for the demise of the DNA camp, but the team changes involving the entrance of west-coast-schoolyard types in place of the  switch-nosegrind-pop-out-at-Love were going on long before Jake Burton was shopping around.  Paired with Don Pendleton’s departure and Greg Hunt’s questionable editing choices in mindfield, the inhabitants/mindfield era of sect film seem to pale in comparison to their older brothers (Jake Johnson and Al Davis’s presence excluded).  The end of an era which is furthered by the recent addition of knobs to over at Love.  Regardless, footage from the crates is always eagerly anticipated.

In non skateboarding news, the Times Sunday mag has two solid pieces, a wanderlust inducing story on caravan of mismatched yuppies and Tunisian actors driving around the southern shore of the Mediterranean, and an exploration of aging fully mixed cocktails.

The concept of a negroni aging in a bourbon barrel for five years is intriguing.  Hopefully someone in Boston decides to give it a shot.  Drink? Starlight? Cragie?  We here at tiny capersaren’t equipped with bourbon aging equipment, so we’re left waiting for someone to pick up the slack here.

To round out the links, Clifford Brown’s recording of A Night in Tunisia is possibly the best ever:

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pyrex scholars

I really like eating.  And food.   And thinking about food and reading about food*, but it all tends to deal with the anticipation.  Sure, there is the occasional Michael Pollan-esque expose on what additive will kill you, but those aren’t anywhere as frequent as the press that anticipation gets.  Recipes, new trendy ingredients, reviews, and food writing as a whole rarely address the consumption.

Nobody likes to think about how much they consume though.  The idea of keeping track of what you eat invokes images of annoying people talking about being on diets, which is the opposite of what most people who enjoy food are looking for.

Knowing this (but morbidly curious anyway) I kept track of everything (other than water) that I consumed for a week. With it, I figured out why people write about what you can cook or where you can eat a lot more than how much we eat.

Writing about where or what to eat is sexy.  You get to dream of being around beautiful people eating elegantly plated, delicious food.  Knowing how you ate and drank for a week, you see the stark reality of sitting on the couch with your roommate, both in undershirts and sweating, drinking bud heavies, eating greasy pizza and watching 30 rock on demand at two in the morning.

Bud heavies.  I drank nine of those- one 22oz bottle, and eight 12oz bottles.  That’s less than half of the beer I drank for the week.  Coffee beat out beer for the thing most consumed, ringing in at approximately 25 cups of drip / french press.  And a latte.  But, if you start talking about combining categories though, alcohol wins over coffee products.

Graduation receptions, open bar promotional events, skate video premiers and simple shift drinks after work start to add up.  One minute you’ve got a 22 of bud heavy in a smoky mission hill apartment, the next your making your way around around a graduation reception with a negroni in hand, and before you know it it’s one in the morning and you’re devouring greasy food with a cold high life.  It was a busy week, I guess.

With all that booze comes a lot of fried, or otherwise fattening food.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m eating a lot of fattening food regardless of how much i’m drinking.  Grease and booze seem to go hand in hand though.  There were a couple of breakfast burritos, a couple eggplant parm subs, half of a large cheese pizza, and lots of cheese fries.

Oh, the cheese fries.  I worked across the street from a mediocre “Irish” pub for two years.  At some point in time, I realized that their cheese fries were tied with the pudding portobello sandwich at the Parish Cafe for being the best take out in the neighborhood.  Being that the Parish rotates sandwiches in and out based on the weather or something else equally unpredictable, I took to eating a massive brick of french fries adhered together with molten cheddar a couple times a week.  This week it was three times.

Occasionally i’ll realize how few fruits or vegetables i’ve eaten in comparison to the vast amount of grease and eat something healthy.  This week, there were three and a half salads, and two pieces of fruit.  I’m not sure if I just feel like I ate more fruits and veggies than I did, or this number is just unusually low.  Regardless, it’s a reminder to eat them more.

There were a few other exceptions, most notably the conspicuous lack of things covered in peanut sauce.  If Myers+Chang wasn’t so inconvenient to get to, i’d eat a massive bowl of their dan dan noodles daily.

95% of my thoughts on food are based around what I feel like eating, what might be cool to cook, how to cook things, and occasionally reflecting over food i’ve eaten.  The reflections are based around singular meals- I should have used less broth, I would eat there again, that bartender was a smokeshow- than about what i’ve eaten for the week.

Maybe there’s a reason nobody keeps track of this sort of thing.  The closest you get is the occasional review of a restaurant or chef profile that utters the cliche “this isn’t the kind of place for people who are worried about counting calories.”  This isn’t to say that you can’t eat well and have it be healthy, but good food is about hedonism.  And keeping track of how you eat is a subtle reminder that you need to go running.

Below the jump are the raw numbers.


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if you can't see this, it means you've already blacked out.
It is with a heavy heart and a sore back that I glance longingly over my keyboard.  It’s been too long.  But it’s not you, it’s me.

Work, and other administrative fun (collectively known as growing up) has been taking up all of my energy these days.  The eventual ease of responsibilities that comes with the beating sun of the summer will hopefully free me up a bit.  I’ll soon be able to keep you enthralled with stories about eating risotto with homemade ricotta and peas in the parking lots of skateparks, but for the time being, go outside and drink a cold beer.

Cold beer on hot nights (or days, as it were,) is something that transcends almost all cultures, and it’s never too late (or early, as it were, again,) to crack a beer and sit on the back porch.  You could go the fancy route and grab an Allagash White, but this blog endorses the consumption of  crisp, generic lagers in summer (and most other situations as well.)

A few choice summer jams after the jump. (more…)

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