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Westgate is at it again.  Frontside 360s over the bar at 3rd and Army.  Back smiths up handrails.  Perhaps this blog was slightly off in taking SennDawg’s  spot on the roster.  The Barley comparison seemed too easy- New Englanders who seemed to make more of a name for themselves in New York than Boston.  And they look like each other.  Hell, you could probably convince numerous people that a grainy youtube viewing of Barley’s Welcome to Hell part was actually Westgate.

The issue of music cannot be ignored anymore.  The Heart song in State of Mind wasn’t great, and when it was repeated in Stay Gold, we started to wonder.  Does he really like mediocre metal that sounds like it should be blasting from an IROC?  If he didn’t skate, would he have tight jeans, stretched ears and hang out in the mall food court?  Is this all groundwork for him to set up a Chris Cole-esque pilgrimage to ride skull boards that say Zero?

Puffy white DCs or not, Brandon has got style.  Quartersnacks drew a spot on comparison of the famous Kalis kickflip over the bum from Peep This and Westgate’s over the bar.  The juxtaposition is bonkers.  Click the picture for a link to the video.


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Cape Cod breeds an idornate number of talented skateboarders: Bro Gumpright, Kevin Coakley, Zered Bassett, and most notable of late, Wareham’s Brandon Westgate.

Though initially overshadowed by the blinding light of Heath and the Boss, his part in Emerica’s latest low fidelity offering solidifies his transformation into technically infused overall gnar dude.  Multiple-tricks-over-benches pop, bs 360s in lines, and a Busenitz-esque penchant for speed all solidify his entrance into the ranks of Grant Taylor and Jake Donnelly class of new rippers who skate the way old dudes like.

With Chris Senn’s seeming unceremonious departure from Emerica’s professional ranks (one trick in the video, as far as I could tell,) young Westgate could possibly fulfil a northeastern flavored version of Senn Dogg’s role on the team.  The downhill double ollie line in San Francisco followed by the BS 360 conjure up memories of Senn in Jump Off A Building.  Albeit, there seems to be a conspicuous absence of transition, but his ability to mix speed and snaps with New York spots (see: gap to lipslide on the Union Square rail) offer up an appealing substitution.  And he’s doing that new fangled grinding up shit that the kids seem to enjoy these days.  High speed BS 5050s up handrails are no joke.

Other highlights from the late Robert Frost’s favorite skate video include Bryan Herman’s magical ability to make a part of skating schoolyards to Tom Waits look awesome, followed by a bunch of boring dudes in the middle.  Unofficial member of New York City’s skateboard vanguard Spakny “Kevin” Long’s trick selection continues to evolve, offering a bunch of those stupid combo grinds in additon to some wallrides and that back tail bigspin on the LA High banks. More handrails, followed by the perennialy awesome Aaron Suski.  A sleeper as far as anticipation and hype go, he delivers a solid section of transitions and handrails.  Skating spots he skated in Word of Mouth bring a smile to the face as well.  Nobody cares about Braydon, Jerry skates switch and probably cried a lot, Leo used a lot of baker-era footage from when he was less interesting (his part in the Toy Video will be bonkers) and The Boss is still the boss.

The whole video has that stop-motion-green-tinged thing going on, and it can get a bit old.  As they say, nature’s first green is gold, and it’s her hardest hue to hold.  Without the influence of the substance of your choice, the video can seem a bit over-produced, but beer and skate videos go together like, well, beer and most things.

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The entire world goes on vacation over the summer.  Kids are out of school, and families can get away as a complete package to greener pastures, whatever they may be.  Card carrying dirtbag skateboarders circumvent the need to travel exclusively in the summer by avoiding responsibilities of any kind, thus opening up the rest of the year for travel.

5boro spent their winter bumming around the American south and listening to Irish classic rock, with a fun 3 minute watch-before-you-go-skate jammer to show as a result:

Some dudes took a two month train ride from Moscow to Hong Kong, which looked pretty good too:

And finally, Kenny Reed seems to have traveled across the world and found the spot for him to do the longest backside noseslide in the history of the world.  Somewhere in Lower Manhattan, Chad Muska weeps:

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Though kind of old (especially by skateboard blog standards,) Joe Perrin’s Last of the Mohicans seems like the best sumer video to emerge of late.

It could be some sort of saturation footage best left for filmer nerds, but the colors in the video (paired with the heavy Floridian influence) invoke memories of soaked teeshirt summer sessions of youth.  Also featured is a healthy dose of night footage.  The all night (or at least seemingly all night) session is endorsed by this blog as the best way to beat the summer heat, and footage representing this tends to also tug on the skateboarding nostalgia heartstrings.

Though relegated by some to be another bank skating, 5-0 fakie type of video, there are a few eye opening parts (see: everything Jimmy Lannon does, Dave Caddo’s ender, Curtis Rapp’s gigantic hillbomb thing, and 80’s Joe’s part) and a decent amount of ledge footage.  That’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of pole jams and wallies, but if you’re watching a movie proclaimed to be ‘for the dirts’ that seems to celebrate the consumption of shitty beer as much as skateboarding, you’re probably into that.

Youtube clips after the jump.  Buy the video though. (more…)

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Ah, June 21st.  The sun is shining, the east coast is covered in a wet blanket of humidity that will stay in between your clothes and will be between you and your teeshirt until the end of September, and basketball courts across the suburbs are covered in 13 year olds skating launch ramps.  That’s right, it’s the International Association of Skateboard Companies’s go skateboarding day.

As much as we here at Tiny Capers trust an organization featuring such core skate brands as sector 8 longboards, tech deck, hurley, and nixon watches, we can’t help but eye an event like this with skepticism.  The more you organize skateboarding, we fear, the more helmets, tight trucks, contests and this kid are brought into the picture.  There aren’t any rules in skateboarding, man.

There are counter arguments- it supports the skateboard industry, it’s an excuse to get a bunch of people to skate, and that it can be used to raise public awareness for a skatepark.  These are all kind of true.  Who cares about the IASC’s industry?  When was the last time anyone working for tech deck got out and kickfliped a sewer cap?  As far as getting a bunch of people to skate, how much cooler would it be to just send out a bunch of texts some morning and do it out of the blue?  Regarding the skatepark issue, you can do that just as effectively the other 364 days a year as well.  The issue of how many spots are going to be impossible to skate if anything ever gets built is for another tirade, but one has to wonder if it’ll bring the end of eggs or some other embattled spot.

That said, homies at orchard have a jam going on that will undoubtedly be over by the time you read this to get a skatepark for the city of Boston.  They seem to be making their own go at it, instead of associating with the mythical fairy tale that is the skatepark at the end of the rainbow on the Charles, so it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.  A recent revisit to the clip of Dennis Busenitz skating that park in Germany reminds us how much fun it’d be to spend a lazy sunday at a park without having to drive.  Provided that there wasn’t a helmet rule in effect.

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image courtesy of quartersnacks

A few points amidst coffee, Lady GaGa and homemade egg / cheddar / english muffin sandwiches on the tiny capers news desk for your Sunday:

A Visual Sound released an interview with Gino regarding the music from his video parts over the years.  In addition to the standard trip down memory lane, it’s got a lot of insight into what’s going on in his head.  Gems include proclaiming the Wu Tang Clan to be his favorite ‘band’, and a brief explanation of his current status with the upcoming chocolate video.  Despite the fact that it still doesn’t sound promising, i’m still holding out for a shared part with Pappalardo set to Wu.

Speaking of Popps, habitat released a trailer for their new video, origins.  Billed as a ‘visual representation of the past decade’, one can’t help but wonder if they’re either:

a. going to try and ride out the last remains of the Love era

b. going to turn this into a ‘make it count’-esque masturbatory company history piece

c. going to release another boring video that will confirm that they’ll never get back to the golden photo/mosaic era.

d. going to make a video that you’ll bother to watch outside of the skateshop / on youtube / hunting the slap message boards for.

People have been quick to throw burton under the bus for the demise of the DNA camp, but the team changes involving the entrance of west-coast-schoolyard types in place of the  switch-nosegrind-pop-out-at-Love were going on long before Jake Burton was shopping around.  Paired with Don Pendleton’s departure and Greg Hunt’s questionable editing choices in mindfield, the inhabitants/mindfield era of sect film seem to pale in comparison to their older brothers (Jake Johnson and Al Davis’s presence excluded).  The end of an era which is furthered by the recent addition of knobs to over at Love.  Regardless, footage from the crates is always eagerly anticipated.

In non skateboarding news, the Times Sunday mag has two solid pieces, a wanderlust inducing story on caravan of mismatched yuppies and Tunisian actors driving around the southern shore of the Mediterranean, and an exploration of aging fully mixed cocktails.

The concept of a negroni aging in a bourbon barrel for five years is intriguing.  Hopefully someone in Boston decides to give it a shot.  Drink? Starlight? Cragie?  We here at tiny capersaren’t equipped with bourbon aging equipment, so we’re left waiting for someone to pick up the slack here.

To round out the links, Clifford Brown’s recording of A Night in Tunisia is possibly the best ever:

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Somebody re-upped Jahmal Williams’ part from the DNA video to youtube, and it hasn’t been raped of the Coltrane by WMG yet.  Seriously, it’s one of the best video parts ever.

I had the privilege of watching him skate in person over at the new orchard, which is also worth checking out if you live in Boston, skate, and for some reason haven’t been over there yet.  He’s got an art show upstairs in the extension gallery as well.

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