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Westgate is at it again.  Frontside 360s over the bar at 3rd and Army.  Back smiths up handrails.  Perhaps this blog was slightly off in taking SennDawg’s  spot on the roster.  The Barley comparison seemed too easy- New Englanders who seemed to make more of a name for themselves in New York than Boston.  And they look like each other.  Hell, you could probably convince numerous people that a grainy youtube viewing of Barley’s Welcome to Hell part was actually Westgate.

The issue of music cannot be ignored anymore.  The Heart song in State of Mind wasn’t great, and when it was repeated in Stay Gold, we started to wonder.  Does he really like mediocre metal that sounds like it should be blasting from an IROC?  If he didn’t skate, would he have tight jeans, stretched ears and hang out in the mall food court?  Is this all groundwork for him to set up a Chris Cole-esque pilgrimage to ride skull boards that say Zero?

Puffy white DCs or not, Brandon has got style.  Quartersnacks drew a spot on comparison of the famous Kalis kickflip over the bum from Peep This and Westgate’s over the bar.  The juxtaposition is bonkers.  Click the picture for a link to the video.


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