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It’s that time.  Leaves are changing, people are frantically devouring apples, Major League Basesball is ostensibly over, and flannel is out and frighteningly in fashion.  Fall.  Though we tend to eschew the sweeter side of the harvest (pumpkin, some squashes, and sweet potatoes,) apples find their way into the Tiny Capers kitchen pretty frequently.

After spending skateboard monday in Southie, I needed something quick and simple to make.  A cursory pantry check yielded frozen veggie broth, a parmesan rind, a bag of navy beans, carrots, apples, and potatoes.  It seemed like soup.

First, there was the issue of broth.  I had three cups, and needed around 8.  There was also the issue of what to do with the (mostly) worthless parm rind.  Rather than toss it, I threw it in with half a can of beer and some water, bouillon cubes, and the frozen brick of already made broth and let it all simmer together.  By the time the broth had come together, the rind was broken up into small pieces and continuing to disintegrate into the broth.

I chopped carrots, sweated them out a bit with butter and thyme, and threw in potatoes and apples. Finally threw in the broth and beans, some salt, cumin, and a pinch of apple cider vinegar.  Lo and behold, 40 minutes later, there was soup.

While not groundbreaking, it was simple enough to make with 20 minutes of prep and 40 minutes of couchtime.  Ideally, you’d have lentils in the pantry and switch them out for navy beans (with a puree!) with onions and  but this works in a pinch.  Any ideas on what kind of cheese, if any, would work well on top of this?

Recipe after the jump.



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