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Not acknowledging the fact that this hasn’t been updated in ages, here are some links:

Temple Bar, which we have never heard of because we rarely venture off of the mainland except for Saturday soul night at ZuZu, apparently were the first in the Boston area to start barrel aging cocktails.  One has to wonder why they chose  negronis though, as negroni season clearly runs from the end of spring until it gets cold at night.  Via grubstreet.

-In a groundbreaking twist of fate, an inspector for the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission got caught accepting a bribe.  This may be especially shocking to the small restaurant/bar owners who were only able to get cordial licenses, despite the fact that every Lyons Group / Back Bay Restaurant Group place that opens manages to get a full bar.  Via The Globe.

-Speaking of the Globe, they have a writeup on an up and coming neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, somewhere near 14th street that has some restaurants.  Finger on the pulse, that Food/Travel section.

Orchard is premiering the new habitat video on Saturday.  As previously discussed, the most anticipated part won’t be from Austyn Gilette, but from whatever basement tapes of the golden era Popps/Wenning/Pluhowski that see the light of day.  They also posted up some photos of the construction of the new shop/gallery by Romek Rasenas.  Worth checking out.

-Speaking of Habitat, how rad is it that the recently established bi-costal purveyor of skateable boat shoes is getting coverage in New York now?  (see the header)

-Austin Kanfoush emerged out of the blue as one of our favorite skaters here at TC.  Between the rust belt charm of being from Pittsburgh, the fact that he skates in football jerseys and does wallie late shovits, or his sheer snaps, he has something for everybody.  Check out his shuffl video re-edit, his welcome part for Axion, or his interview over at 48 blocks.

More regular updates to come, hopefully.


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